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Our Story

Creative Motion Graphics was born out of



Once upon a time we were young(er) animators and media experts, floating freelancers, crawling through the trenches of other companies in the newly created market of “explainer videos.” We earned our stripes. We saw the sausage get made… and other “gained experience” cliches. But we were frustrated. There were problems across the industry with communication, with the approach, with the message, with the WHOLE REASON a company needs a video.

So we built Creative Motion Graphics with a burning passion to turn the animated explainer video industry on its head.

We're filmmakers at heart

Natural storytellers. With a knack for writing unique, humorous, and memorable scripts. We know how to simplify your message and make it visually compelling. Let’s collaborate and create something effective together.

We're marketers

It’s all about the bottom line — every video should generate sales. We don’t forget that for a second. Every script is constructed with a call to action that narrows down what you want your target audience to do.

We're work (and caffeine)-a-holics

We hit deadlines because you’re busy, and we love to work. No one here likes to sleep. When the ball is in our court, we’re working. It’s about a methodical, streamlined approach to getting you what you want – especially if that means putting off sleep until we’re dead. But it’s OK, we’ve got a phenomenal coffee maker.

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