Q: How long will it take to make my video?
A: The timeline, believe it or not, is largely dependent on your swiftness in giving notes and signing off on each step in our process. We at Creative Motion Graphics have a streamlined process that revolves around a “we’ll sleep when we’re dead” approach and that means faster turnarounds for you! On average the process can take 4-8 weeks. Need it sooner? Just ask about our rush service.

Q: I’m not sure which package is right for me?
A: Not a problem! B2C videos generally do best from 30-60 seconds and B2B videos are most effective at 90 seconds. Those extra 30 seconds let you get into the features and benefits that really help explain your product. On our free conference call, we’ll talk about your business needs and discuss which package is right for you. We’ve found that motion graphic videos introducing new products usually work best when they are short and concise, while internal training videos can hold the audience’s attention much longer.

Q: How long can my script be?
A: Typical Word-to-Time Ratios (when read at a casual pace)
30 Seconds = 75 words
60 Seconds = 140 words
90 Seconds = 225 words
120 seconds = 300 words

Q: What makes you guys different from the rest?
A: There are plenty of video-makers out there, but they approach the explainer video process all wrong. They stress creating a professional-looking product (yawn). We know the secret: create a video that sells. Oh, we’ll make it look gorgeous, but at the end of the day, you want to make money, and we understand that more than anyone.

Q: Can I write my own script?
A: Yup. This is your business, so you know best. We’ll take your draft and sprinkle our magic on it.

Q: Will I be “in the loop” during the whole process?
A: Of course! We work within Basecamp for project management, and will send you updates on every step.

Q: Do you make videos/voice overs in other languages?
A: Yup! If you write the script, we can animate it! In addition, we have access to voice actors in almost any language. We also do offer subtitles as an add-on.

Q: How about live action video?
A: We all have our roots in filmmaking, so yes, we can shoot and edit live action video. Looking for a live action and graphic interaction? You can bet we do it too!



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